Conservation & CSR

FISH N’ TAG Program


Developed for the Sports Fishing Industry, this tagging application will definitely revolutionize the whole process of a fish tagging program and the most important thing, it will boost the involvement of conservation evangelist and corporation to fight for this good cause. The process can be old school for existing conventional tagging programs. Information is written in manually using a form and it is hard to keep track the overall growth or success of any tagging program as information are not visibly shared to users.

In the smartphone era, Fish N Tag came in a nick of time to take fish tagging program to the next level. Utilizing tagging apparatus and markers plus additionally your smartphone and Fish N Tag Application. Now anyone can run their very own fish tagging program. Specially design to automate data entry with GPS tagging, from angling enthusiast to university research students. Fish N Tag is definitely an application that can be utilized to its full potential to help us understand more of the fish demographic and distribution.

Learn How To Fish With The Us

LXF is proud to be working in conjuction with Fishing Buddies, where you or your children can learn how to fish from the elite.  We have classes for all levels of Fishermen and believe even as a pro you never really stop learning. Syafie, a Shimano Prostaff member down at the Fishing Buddies Fishing Pond is at hand.

The things we cover :  What different types of fishing exist, How to choose the correct setup for your type of fishing (rod/reel/line), Correct casting, for example: flipping, pitching, over-head, side, fly casting etc and in what scenarios they are to be applied. How to correctly fight, land, handle, Tag and release the fish. An array of fishing knots, correct bait and lure application and much more.